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Rolleicord on Cindyn valinta

Rolleicord V b

Kaksisilmäinen Rolleicord oli kamera jonka Cindy valitsi kuvauksiin, siinä on 50-luvun tunnelmaa. Rolleiflexin edullisempi malli oli Rolleicord, se oli samaa korkeaa mekaanista laatua, mutta kamerassa oli halvempi Zeiss-objektiivi ja yksinkertaisempi rakenne

Rolleicord V b

The Rolleicord was a popular medium-format twin lens reflex camera made by Franke & Heidecke (Rollei) between 1933 and 1976. It was a simpler, less expensive version of the high-end Rolleiflex TLR, aimed at amateur photographers who wanted a high-quality camera but could not afford the expensive Rolleiflex. Several models of Rolleicord were made; the later models generally had more advanced features and tend to be valued higher in today's market.

The first Rolleicord, introduced in November 1933, was the Rolleicord I. This camera was a simplified version of the Standard Rolleiflex, with a cheaper 75mm Zeiss Triotar lens and a simplified film advance mechanism using a knob instead of the crank found on the Rolleiflex. The Rolleicord I was available either with a plain leatherette covering or elaborately patterned metal faceplates. The latter variant is referred to as the "Art Deco" Rolleicord.

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